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workshopsOnce a research project is finished, the journey does not have to stop there. Our skilled team of creative and strategic thinkers, who combine the right amount of crazy and consideration, can make your project go even further.

If you want to find out the real reasons why consumers are not interacting with your brand or category, we can go beyond the obvious (or immediate) to places your competitors are not, to discover what is really going on in consumer lives, to establish new opportunities for you and your category or brand.
If you are want to test some of your own npd concepts, we can run a stimulus led innovation workshop to generate even more concepts for you, all firmly grounded in insight.

If research finds that consumers are not connecting with your category or brand name, or you would like to name a new concept, we can run a naming workshop to get that name just right & to work in the realworld™.

If you would like the project debrief to really connect with your team and beyond, we can run an interactive debrief so everyone really understands and feels passionate about the findings.

If you’d like stimulus build, website output, packaging design or any creative communications expertise, MadeByPi & Principles Agency love working alongside research & real consumers to get it right and grounded in consumer understanding.

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