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Realword TM

It’s amazing what you discover when you delve a little deeper…

Central to our thinking is the belief that research should dig deep. This is perhaps an obvious point but all too often conventional research only scratches the surface of an issue.

Consider the man who claims to eat healthy salad every day but actually just adds a meagre lettuce leaf to his burger and chips. Or the ‘regular gym user’ who never ventures further than the jacuzzi. Neither is lying but a little further probing reveals the true story.

Our realworld™ techniques and methodologies allow us to really get under the skin of consumers and help tease out those real opinions and behaviours that all too often fall by the wayside. Constantly pushing the boundaries of research adds an emotional dimension to our research and gives us a better sense of consumer realism.

Our realworld™ techniques are designed to supplement and expand on conventional qualitative and quantitative approaches, to help us identify the bigger picture that is all too often just waiting to burst out, enabling us to get even closer to consumers and tap into the differences between their attitudes and behaviours.

realworld™ techniques explore behaviours, they reveal live experiences, explore instinctive opinions & thoughts and allow opinion to be put into context of real life environments, peers, decisions and scenarios.

realworld™ research is especially relevant in-store, in context of purchasing decisions, when evaluating marketing & communications, service experience and where joint decisions or peer pressure is highly influential.

Techniques such as dinner dates, home video diaries, video experiments, home audits, life style enhancers, peer contexters, community champion work, pre & post tasking around conventional research, recalls, observational work, clue hunting & fact finding and online forums provide added opportunity to sense check the more rationally expressed research findings.

We can also add lots of colourful film evidence to projects.