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So what exactly do we get up to?

We’re a qualitative & quantitative market research agency with strategic planning & consultancy.
Our qualitative, quantitative and realworld™ approaches, dynamic workshops and creative development capabilities are seamless in structure so that all projects can be fully integrated, no matter how many stages are involved.

The team is fully integrated in qual & quant research. We’re as passionate about quant detail as we are about qual depth.

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From time tested classics to newer approaches we love getting up close with consumers, understanding their state of mind, reactions and opinions.
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From simple projects to more complex statistical projects, every job is just as important as the next.
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With online marketing, site design & site build within the group of companies, we can easily & creatively generate & host qual forums, blogs, online groups & online quant.
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Our realworld™ techniques and methodologies allow us to really get under the skin of consumers and help tease out those real opinions and behaviours that all too often fall by the wayside.
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If you want to find out the real reasons why consumers are not interacting with your brand or category, we can go beyond the obvious (or immediate) to places your competitors are not.
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strategic planning
Once a research project is finished, the journey does not have to stop there. Our skilled team of creative and strategic thinkers combine the right amount of crazy and consideration to make your project go even further.
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