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Leeds Half Marathon

By:   3 May 2016




Our lovely SRE Laura is running her first half marathon in Leeds on Sunday 8th May in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. You can sponsor her here.
Good luck Laura!

Principles Research raise spirits and money for charity with Thorntons

By:   17 November 2014

Thorntons Children's Chocolate

Here at Principles Research, we decided to share our love of chocolate to benefit Cancer Research UK. With the help of Thorntons and their very large delicious donation, we managed to raise almost £100.

The research for Thorntons looked into consumer buying behaviour regarding children’s special occasion chocolate which inevitably meant that we had the unfortunate task of buying lots of chocolate to aid the research!

We decided once the research came to an end we would sell the chocolate (if it was to survive the children within the groups), across the different agencies and donate the money to Cancer Research UK.

In total we managed to raise £96.50 and would like to thank everyone for their generosity in aid of such an important cause. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue the good work through future research projects and the kindness of both our clients and fellow colleagues.

Blended Approaches – Combining the Old and New at AURA Conference

By:   6 October 2014

A Blended Approach - AURA Conference

Here at Principles Research we have a burning passion to uncover, discuss and debate underlying issues that affect how we perform our role as researchers, and how that affects those around us.

Rather than sitting at our desks, twiddling our thumbs and pretending that change isn’t coming, we like to discover opportunities to bring our thoughts to the forefront of the research world, sharing new insights and stimulating new thinking.

Sarah & Lindsay, from our qual team, were recently invited to present at AURA’s Autumn Seminar on ‘digital’, tackling the issues surrounding the integration and incorporation of old and new research technologies.

Dizzying Digital Daze

Qualitative research has experienced more change in the last 10 years than in the previous 50, demonstrating the ever-changing landscape we face as researchers.

In recent years there’s been a massive digitisation of consumer experiences and so it makes sense for research to follow suit, using the newest technology to capture and understand how customers behave… doesn’t it?

Well, not necessarily! Our presentation counters some of the claimed benefits of digital and pseudo-scientific techniques which have exploded in popularity in recent years, questioning whether they can really bring us true benefit beyond the tried and tested qual methodologies.

We make a case for blended approaches, which combine the benefits of new research technologies with good qualitative moderation and a more naturalistic view of consumer behaviours.

Using web usability as a case study we place our arguments in a real client context, and show how qualitative instinct and a longer view of behaviours led us to some surprising and fascinating insights for clients wanting to drive conversion.

If you’d like us to send you a copy of the slides, just get in touch at info@principlesresearch.co.uk

Our Research Director, Lesley, turns 25!

By:   27 August 2013



Lesley Dudleston, our Research Director, recently celebrated 25 years with the company. Lesley joined Principles as a Research Executive in 1988, worked her way up and was promoted to Director in 1998.

She remembers starting out in the world of employment and interviewing for insurance based vacancies. She told her Dad she had an interview as a Research Executive and his advice was ‘it’s up to you but insurance will be a much steadier industry for you to build a career’. 25 years later, her Dad is glad she didn’t listen to him.  Read more…

What do Nobel Laureates, entrepreneurs and the most successfully adapted mammals have in common?

By:   9 July 2013


 Team Photo

The answer: they all play enthusiastically throughout their lives, according to Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play. In the world of research, we’re all guilty of spending too much time hunched over our desks and not enough time playing. But play we should! As Susan-Ann Darley writes in this piece for the Huffington post, playing at work:

Read more…

Principles Bake-off

By:   23 January 2013



Here at Principles Research we had a lot of left over stimulus that was kindly donated by Symington’s from some focus groups about home baking. We decided to utilise it all by having a ‘bake-off’ challenge throughout the Agency to raise some money for charity.


The baked items ranged from maple syrup cookies to chocolate fudge cake.


Thanks again to all who baked, ate and donated – the agency is matching the donations raised, so the Martin House hospice charity will be receiving a cheque for £104.00.


What’s hot in the Principles office…

By:   28 November 2012

What has the Principles Researchers excited at the moment? Obama in the White House? The almost daily appearance of significant medical breakthroughs? Hope for the endangered polar bear?

No, it’s Campbell’s microwaveable soups – they’re a no-washing-up no-brainer, you know. We’re also stuck in an Apple fan-girl loop, drooling over the iPhone (‘where will its capabilities end?) and the mini iPad (‘just when we think they can’t do anything new…’). In the absence of the long-promised jetpack, we’re also holding out for Smellovision, with the sensible proviso that no farming content is to be viewed. One of us (no need to say who) is also extremely keen on her filter-as-she-goes Bobble water bottle.

So many decades into the consumer age, it’s fascinating to note that we can still get excited about the fresh, the original and the innovative. It’s certainly some solace for those burning the midnight oil in NPD. So, these are the products that currently float our boats – what about you?

Principles Agency is ……

By:   25 October 2012

Principles Agency is very pleased & excited to announce the arrival of a new male member to the team. Only 2 weeks old and his mum is already teaching him the basics of data processing & analysis.

Well done Debs x